frequently asked questions

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what is the address to drop off or mail in film?

916 E 5th St
Kansas City, MO 64106

The dropbox is in Columbus Park, outside of Cafe Cà Phê, a Vietnamese coffee shop. If you are local to Kansas City, you can drop off your film here. If you are mailing in film, you can send it to this address. Feel free to grab some coffee as well!

what kind of films do you develop?

We process Color (C41) and Black and White films.
Film formats we process are 35mm, medium format (120), 110, and APS film.

do you develop disposable cameras?

We do develop disposable cameras! When ordering, in "film format" select "disposable," and you'll be ready to go!

what does film processing include?

Film processing includes developing and scanning. Your digital scans will be emailed to you and your physical negatives will be returned if you choose to keep them!

how big are your scans?

Scan resolution of 35mm is approximately 7200 x 4800px @ 300 dpi.
Scan resolution 120 is approximately 5400px on shortest edge @ 300 dpi.

We are scanning at ~45 megapixels which can make a physical print up to ~20" x 13".

The highest resolution scans we can create is our standard resolution. We want the best we can produce to be the only size. You're supporting us so the least we can do is support you. <3

do you have samples of the film you've processed?

Yes! We have a sample gallery of film that has been processed and scanned through our lab. Please note that images have been sized down for web use. Click to view gallery.

what is your turn around time?

We aim to get your film developed and scanned within 7-10 business days. We're a smaller lab and are only capable of so much.

Once your film has been developed and scanned, expect an additional day or two for the negatives to be ready for pickup / mailed out.

i paid for processing, now what?

After purchase, consolidate your film. Include your name, order number, and Instagram (optional) with your film drop. This can be written on the envelope or included as a note inside of your order.

If you are dropping off locally, envelopes, paper bags, and ziplocks are common ways to consolidate your order.

If you are using ziplocks to drop off film, including a note is the preferred method. Writing on the outside can rub off against other orders during transport.

If you are mailing in, using USPS flat rate box, hard mailer, or bubble mailers are preferred. NORMAL PAPER ENVELOPES TEAR EASILY. Use something with some rigidity to keep your order together during transport.

i paid for shipping. what does that mean?

If you pay for shipping, then we will ship you your negatives back, cut and sleeved into archival pages.

At this point, we do not have an option to cover shipping fees to get your film to us, so you are responsible to get your film shipped out to be developed.

when can i drop off film?

Our film drop box is accessible 24-hours a day, so feel free to drop off film, day or night!

when can I pickup my negatives/orders

If you've chosen to get your negatives back, then orders can be picked up during regular business hours of Cafe Ca Phe.


Pickup orders are located inside and to the back left of the cafe by the restrooms. A shelf with a black Filmx bin will have your order in a bag with you name and order number on it.

We will send you an email to let you know that your negatives are ready for pickup. This will usually be 1-2 business days after receiving your download link.

how will i get my film scans?

After your film has been developed and scanned, we will send you a download link to the email address attached to your order.


The link will expire after seven days. We have limited cloud storage so links expire automatically to make room for other outgoing orders.

If you miss that window, contact us at and we will re-send you a link, it's all good. <3

do you do prints?

At the moment, we cannot provide printing in-house. We have partnered with a local print lab and you can order prints through the download link you receive with your scans. Because we cannot print in-house, pricing on prints will not be as competitive as other film labs.

i have sensitive/intimate photos on my roll. is that okay?

Yes! We will process your film without judgement of what's on your roll.

When a roll contains nudity we password protect the link you get when receiving your scans back.

All of our scan delivery links are private. Password protection adds an extra layer of security in the unlikely chance someone guesses your delivery link URL.

We can also add password protection to your delivery link upon request. Thank you for trusting us with your film!

what if my roll(s) come back blank?

We will refund most of your money for the blank roll and only keep a little bit to cover chemical costs. For more information on why rolls come back blank and what we look for to identify the issues, visit our blank film policy.

what type of film do i have?

On the film processing page, there is a drop down menu telling you how to identify your film. It includes a list of common film stocks to help you identify what type of film you have.

what is push processing?

It refers to a film developing technique that increases the effective sensitivity of the film being processed by developing it for longer time than the manufacturer specifications. This results in overdevelopment of the film, compensating for underexposure in the camera.

This basically means that box speed film can be pushed to a higher speed in 1 stop of exposure increments. This explains the +1, +2, and +3 push amounts.

Push processing is usually used when a photographer needs a higher speed film than what they have (pushing 200 speed film to 400 or 800 speed), or they are doing it for aesthetic reasons.

The more stops you push film, the more contrast, saturation, and grain you introduce to your entire roll.

Because pushed films need more developing time they must be developed seprately from the standard film batches, so each pushed roll of film comes with a $1.00 upcharge. The more you push film the more chemistry is exhausted, so +2, and +3 have their own additional $1.00 upcharge.

By default, orders are set to 0 push processing which is normal processing.

what do donations go towards?

Any donation made to Filmx lab goes back to the film community, by way of giving away free film or free film developing.

With your help, we're working toward larger community involvement with film, like workshops, zines, artist spotlights, and larger free film events. Your donations directly support this goal.