humble beginnings

A film lab started by Travis Young in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in an unfinished basement of a rental property. Originally created as a shared darkroom between a small group of friends, Filmx lab slowly grew to provide film processing services to the community.

Filmx lab went from using DIY home developing kits to industry grade chemistry from Fuji Film and mini-lab processing machines. Filmx lab strives to offer the best it can achieve while trying to make film developing and scanning as accessible and affordable as possible.

film therapy

Travis started photographing with film as a way to cope with childhood trauma. Film played an important role in Travis’s journey in reconnecting himself with his life.

Because of this, he shares film photography with everyone he interacts with. Wanting to spread the reach of film further, he started Film Xchange. It’s primary goal is to make film photography more accessible by giving away one (or more) disposable cameras every month.

To learn more about Travis’s personal journey, watch the mini-documentary below titled Waste of Film.

*Trigger Warning* video discusses issues of physical and sexual abuse